Rama Jana. Artist Information:


Rama Jana is a contemporary Indian artist who lives and works in Bolton, in the UK, and has exhibited her works in various countries. On this website you can view samples of her works and find up-to-date information about her latest exhibitions and projects.

Rama studied at UCLAN, obtaining a BA honours in Painting and Printing in 1982, followed in 2005 by an M.A. in Fine Art. Her early figurative works portray scenes from Indian social and religious life, and thier style was influenced by the French Impressionists. In recent works she has developed a more abstract and experimental style and incorporated themes and forms drawn from Hindu mythology and cosmological imagery into her works.

Her most recent exhibition ‘Little Corner of the Universe’ took place at the Haworth Art Gallery and included intricate ink drawings of marshlands, trees, grasses and rivers. The image of the sacred grass or ‘Kush’ which figures centrally in these works is considered holy and used to make sacred rings to wear in religious ceremonies. Rama’s drawings move smoothly from naturalistic representations of the landscape around the river Ganges to abstract and symbolic images. They unite various aesthetic approaches while reminding the audience of the mysterious presence of the divine in nature, the beauty of the landscape and its fragile ecology.

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